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Family Office

A family office can be a powerful tool for a family with complex wealth.

Varying widely in their structure and services, a family office might germinate within the family’s own operating company. It may be organized to support the investment activities of a wealth creator. It may be the command and control center for shareholder oversight of a business empire. But, it might be a fossilized holdover from a previous generation.

The most valuable family office is one that is organized and adapted to support transitioning family wealth across generations. It serves diverse owners from many branches. And significant time and resources are focused on identifying and honoring the family legacy, and preparing the next generation both for its role in stewarding that legacy and to be wealth creators in their own right. This focus on growing the family’s human capital is what differentiates the hallmark family office from one focused solely on financial wealth.  Next generation mentoring and preparation are provided, philanthropic and social good are supported and entrepreneurship is instilled.

With deep experience running family offices and advising family offices around the world, I am able to help families and their advisors as they consider the formation of a family office from the nuts and bolts details of family office mission, to management, structuring, staffing, bench-marking and advising. Likewise, I can assist families seeking to transform an existing family office into a more dynamic wealth transition platform, and even assess when to close or radically alter a family office structure.

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