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Our Work

Our work is the natural complement to that of the family’s other professionals including legal, accounting, financial and investment advisors.

We work with a family and its advisors to ensure the same professionalism and focus is being invested in preparing family members and heirs to receive the wealth as is put into managing the wealth itself.


Boards of Directors – forming, transforming, joining and chairing

Strategic Business Planning – Facilitating conversations around alternate futures for the business

Shareholder Role & Management –  Organizing forums for information-sharing and decision-making

Business Succession & Continuity – Helping families be great owners and grow excellent leaders

Sale of Family Business – Coordinating and facilitating the complex legal and financial aspects as well as the emotional considerations for the family

Family Business Education – Helping generations build competencies in business ownership, collaboration and management

Family Business Management – Bringing best practices in family business management to the owned enterprise

Non-Family Management – Facilitating the transition to non-family leadership in the business, whether by design or while waiting for the rising generation to step up



Coaching & Mentoring – working one-on-one or in groups to grow the human capital of the family

Family Meetings & Councils – organizing and facilitating the  meetings where families convene, strengthen relations and make decisions

Legacy, Values & Mission – facilitating the exploration of common bonds and inspiring differences to help frame the family’s future

Leadership & Talent Development – growing great leaders in the rising generation in order to ensure the continuity of family requires focus on skills development and nurturing individual aptitudes

Governance Structures – organizing for optimum impact without creating overly-bureaucratic structure

Philanthropy & Social Responsibility – leveraging wealth for the benefit of the greater good to provide rich opportunities for learning, collaboration and social impact



Assessment – Working with current family office leadership and the family to map capabilities with needed services; comparing against best practices and assessing alternative models for meeting family needs.

Structure & Services – Streamlining, outsourcing, automating, consolidating and collaborating with other like-minded families to improve the delivery of family office services

Transformation – Over time, family offices may fail to evolve with the needs of the family as it grows.  Realignment to fit today’s family can provide dramatic improvements



Sudden Wealth – Helping the recipients of unexpected wealth integrate it into their lives

Preparation of Heirs – Focusing on helping heirs master the special skills required to be a great beneficiaries and pursue their dreams

Trustee/Beneficiary Education – Helping beneficiaries and trust creators understand the profound impact trusts can have on their lives so they can live better with them.

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